Best Of

Here’s some easy links to some of my favourite posts and some posts that my stats tell me people are always looking at.

The Time I Had a Baby in a Cyclone This post went scarily viral and I copped a lot of shit from people telling me I was a selfish bitch who has no idea what it’s like to be a nurse. Sorry guys, but I actually do, because I am an RN. The post was meant to be me retelling the things that happened and the things that I thought and felt at the time, not to place blame on any one person. It was an unexpected event and the individual persons involved were not at fault and did the best they could. I understand policy/procedure/shitty orders from management. I lay the blame on poor communication and abysmal planning at the higher levels. The dudes down the lower end were just doing what they could with what they were given.

Part One and Part Two of My Top Ten Mystery/Crime Shows:  Part Two seems to be more popular which probably has a lot to do with Benedict Cumberbatch’s recent popularity. That or other people are as obsessed with Bruce Campbell as I am. I would have thought Part One would be more popular given Nathan Fillion and NCIS. I can’t even count the amount of people that have found my site by Googling “Nathan Fillion” or “Abby NCIS”.

Tattoos and Storytelling One of the very first posts I ever wrote about how I believe that tattoos can be a form of storytelling – they tell you a lot about a person, not just that they have tattoos and are therefore evil. Yes, I’m looking at you Campbell Newman, you hatemongering jerkwad.

Book Review: Bridget Jones – Mad About The Boy Most people hated it and said Fielding was an ass for making Bridget refuse to grow up. I disagreed. 

The Problem With Women (In Books) An explanation on why I believe that some women’s fiction is insulting and aggravating with dumb female characters that turn into a pile of goo at the sight of a rippled bicep.

 Book Review: Takedown Twenty People must be Googling to see if the consensus that it was disappointing was universal. I think it is. Step up your game, Evanovich. 


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