I am True.


True is short for my hideous name which one could never quite describe as euphonious. It’s Trudi, which in my opinion is about one step below being an Aunt Gertrude. She’s your fat, weird, be-whiskered great aunt who smells like mothballs and cat pee who was too cuckoo to be let out of the house. My surname has some superfluous letters and it’s always fun to see how people try and pronounce it. Note: It’s not ‘Mongoose’! and yes, I did get that once.

I’m an Aussie who is in serious denial about my adult status. I believe that everyone is up to no good and am suspicious of everyone’s motives. This likely stems from watching far too much television and wanting to be a spy like Michael Westen from Burn Notice. I’m really more like Sam Axe (a bit fat and fond of mojitos and sarcasm) crossed with Elliot from Leverage (bad tempered and trained in MMA fighting, moonlighting as a pastry chef). Yes – I really am all those things.

My husband gives me stern face and tries to convince me to stress less about work and concentrate on being a more productive writer. That would probably work better if everyone realised that I know what I’m talking about and that they should just do what I tell them to the first time around.

While my most favouritest genre in the whole wild world is actually epic fantasy and space operas, I find that my sense of humour is generally best suited to writing mysteries (or it could be that little suspicion problem).

I read some great advice about creating a writing blog and connecting with your target audience and putting yourself out there. Connecting with readers and other writers is also supposed to serve as an extra helping of inspiration, so here goes nothing.

*DISCLAIMER* Because I work and study full time I quite often write very late at night, when I think nobody is looking at work or on my tablet when I’m travelling. I write faster than I think sometimes and my grammar and editing is sometimes not as fantastic as I would like.

5 thoughts on “True

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  2. LOL I still marvel that I’m actually an adult and someone’s mother. I’m not sure that feeling ever goes away. I loved your feature at Billie Jo’s blog. The story was fantastic. I can’t wait to read more. 😀

    • Sam is awesome. I mentioned something about feeling like Sam Axe on Twitter once and Bruce Campbell tweeted me back. My life is now complete! 🙂

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