Old Movies, Fresh Perspectives: A New Series

Mornin! (technically it is actually night, but I have been watching a shit tonne of Viva La Dirt League skits, so everything is Mornin! Hu hah! – more on that later…)

For the last few months, I have been trying to schedule in some time to watch those amazing movies I loved so heartily as a child. I am very selfishly attempting to indoctrinate my child into what it was like to be a cool kid in the 80s (who am I kidding, I’ve never been cool, except for that time I did the scorpion while snowboarding and my jacket rode up and I was literally cool because my entire torso was coated in snow). She resists me at every turn however, brat. I did get her to watch Back To The Future a while back and she loved it, so she has potential.

Tonight, Husbro and I were listening to some weird random synthpop stuff in the car (not usually a thing a bunch of metalheads do, but there were reasons) and we both agreed it is strangely nostalgic as it sounds like old school video games and 80s action movies. We also talked about how it’s a bummer that sometimes when we watch stuff we loved when we were kids it never ends up being as awesome, coming at it from an adult perspective.

He also accused me of being my own worst enemy and putting so many roadblocks in front of myself that I either never start or procrastinate when it gets hard, because if I don’t really give it a proper try, I then can’t fail (mostly with regards to my well known aspirations to be a successful writer/creator). I hate to admit it, but he’s not wrong.

So keep an eye out. I’ll be doing some old school movie reviews with my fresh adult eyes at the same time I try and indoctrinate the child.

I think I will start with Demolition Man, which surprisingly comes up extremely often in conversation with people around me, even to this day. I also just realised it is TWENTY SIX YEARS OLD! HOLY FUCK! I saw this at the movies with my dad, I AM NOT THAT OLD!

Demolition Man

Can’t wait!!

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