The State of Politics

I think it is well past time that I set aside a few moments (or rather hours, this could get messy) to write about the state of things currently.

First off, congratulations Australia on finally waking up and booting out Tony Abbott! Hurrah! I can’t think of anything that has made me happier in recent times, which probably says a lot about how invested I have become in the political arena as of late. Let me just recap some of my favourite Abbott moments:

  • We don’t need to worry about metadata protections for journalists because he never did. Yes, because your career as a journalist predated the internet age, you twit.
  • Repealing the carbon tax was his best achievement as Minister for Women. And as Minister for Women his cabinet seemed rather devoid of any actual women. Because they were probably too busy stressing over the household budgets and the meagre $500 a year the damn carbon tax was supposed to save them. My electricity bill actually increased. 
  • Oh bugger it there are too many and I’m short on time, just watch this wonderful video from John Oliver who I’m totally convinced would make the best drinking buddy ever.
  • Oh and his answer to this question by Leigh Sales:

This dude says it all really

So, well done Australia for waking up and realising that his current solutions for things like the humanitarian disaster that is the Syrian refugee crisis is to in fact, bomb them. And then offer refuge to the Christians and stuff everyone else. The guy is political poison and has probably single handedly done more damage to the Liberal party’s credibility than any number of cumulative bollocks any of it’s members could have pulled in the last two decades.

And what was with his answering every single question with “We scrapped the Carbon Tax” or “We stopped the boats”. Are you a broken record? The only other thing he could answer questions with was “Labour’s fault!” He’s like an idiot on repeat, only programmed with a few answers.


Secondly, I am incredibly over hearing stories about domestic violence. Don’t think that the media is for a second overemphasising the issue. I work in a hospital. It’s a true and scary thing. Then yesterday I see a video of the NT Attorney General discussing in parliament how he’d like to slap a woman and then intimidating another by smacking the desk.This jerk is a White Ribbon Ambassador by the way, a guy who is supposed to be anti-domestic violence. Beside that, if you cannot debate in a calm and respectful manner and end up resorting to threatening violence to get your point across, particularly in a position as high as an Attorney General, I don’t think you belong in that position.

Australian politics sucks. We are represented by a bunch of misogynistic twats who wouldn’t have the faintest idea what the average Australian life is like.

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