Choc Raspberry and Coconut Protein Shake

I think I have died and gone to protein heaven!

I find it very difficult to maintain my recommended levels of protein and fats. I operate on a 1.5g per pound of bodyweight ratio when I’m doing my strength training and without telling you my weight, that’s A LOT. I loathe bananas and avocados and so many protein recipes contain the two that I pretty much end up having extra helpings of protein powdered water to keep my levels up and stay away from snacking on tasty carbs.

Yesterday I found myself with some free time and I happened across a recipe for a Coconut Almond Protein Shake. Sweet! I love coconut! I love almonds! Perfect!

Turns out, I don’t have vanilla protein powder. The only ginger I have, I found in a corner of the fridge with some mystery substance coating the bag. It’s probably been there since Lindsay Lohan was still cool and not coated in mystery substances herself. The last of the cinnamon was used when James decided to get weird with the sweet potatoes one day.

What’s a girl to do?


Allow me to introduce you to the genius that is my:

Choc Raspberry and Coconut Protein Shake


3/4 cup almonds (I used almond slithers as I’d already opened the bag).
1/3 cup shredded coconut
2 cups milk (I only ever drink Misty Mountains Farms Full Cream Jersey Milk)2 scoops Gold Standard Double Rich Chocolate Protein Powder
50g frozen raspberries


I’m a cheat because I own a thermomix. I just dumped it all in and blended it.

Thermomix - Making lazy people even lazier

Thermomix – Making lazy people even lazier

The result:

Delicious Protein Goodness!

Smoothie Final

It made enough for me to drink now, and one to stick in a jar to take to work for my nightshift tonight to keep me going. It’s really quite tasty and has the perfect amount of each ingredient in it.

The end result is 40g of protein & 33g of fat. The milk makes it exceptionally calorie rich however, so if you don’t need the extra calories or calcium I’d recommend substituting it for almond or coconut milk which takes off about 150 calories and will also take away a fair bit of the fat.

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