What’s Up?

OMG, sooo much stuff.

I went to Oz Comic Con in Brisbane last month and it was amazing! I took Cailee and my mum and things like this happened…

OMG you guise, it's RONON!

OMG you guise, it’s RONON!

I met Joanne Kelly and immediately decided that she is my favourite person in the entirety of ever. We spoke about gender representation in television and then I came home and wrote another bloody essay on gender politics in literature. It’s like I can’t stop.

I’m really enjoying my new job. I drive 126km a day to get to and from work. It gives me lots of time to think about stuff. But I’ve been working a lot of extra shifts and as it turns out, shiftwork really fucks with you when you’re doing it long term so far away. So I’ve been neglecting this blog, although that in no way means I have nothing to say. If anything, I have TONNES of stuff to talk about but I’ve also been sick with the death flu and only this week have managed to drag my pathetic carcass out of bed and only because I’ve run out of trashy television to catch up on.

Lots of stuff, really. I’m staring down the barrel of some actual free time soon though, so yay! Stay tuned…

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