The plot is thickening!

It’s 2am.

The lights are off and the halls are dark. The only sound is the ambulance band on the radio. Little squawks, followed by call signs: “Bravo one two zero: Code one on Sheridan street.”

The ward is empty tonight, save for the alleged ghost roaming the halls near theatre. l haven’t met her yet, but I dont need to in order to know that a dark hospital hallway is totally creepy.

I’ve done an awful lot of plotting for NaNoWriMo. Too much maybe. l’m excited and ready to write now! I’ve just downloaded some similar books to read for further inspiration So I’ll be spending the rest Of the night “researching” Unless l’ve just Accidentally jinxed it by publishing this for the hospital Gods to see…


Also, it totally sucks right now that I dont drink coffee or tea because it is seriously freezing right now and energy drinks are cold

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