Ancient Wisdom -I don’t have it

Last Friday, l turned 30.

When I woke up I was not magically transformed into a monstrously capable person fully in charge of life with a brain full of knowledge of incalculable value. I will admit- I was disappointed. Instead, I woke up grumpy after being kicked in the ribs all night by a child who has no business kicking me in the ribs since I already had her surgically removed years ago, my hair was sticking up all over thr place like an Anime character on a walk of shame, I had a black eye and 5kg did not disappear from my cumulative wobbly bits. In short-I was still an over an overworked frump despite 2 months of intense personal training sessions.  Fantastic! My dreams of 30 had not come true.

No magical wish granting fairy came to my rescue leading me to conclude that they are as evil as Capt. Jack Harkness says they are. Sadly, no John Barrowman or Eve Myles came to fight these pesky dream puncturing turd fairies either. That would have made my day.

Instead I continued my dreary existence of working, studying andnot being able to plan anything as l dont know my hours for placement for the next 8 weeks and nor do I know if and where I will get a graduate job until 15 October(although I DO know I have been rejected for over half the jobs based solely on WHERE Igo to uni and of the 20 I applied for only one is likely to hire me) which makes planning the holiday my husband promised me for my birthday very difficult.

So in essence, nothing changed. Which is totally not what society had prepared me for or this supposedly momentous occasion. I did however get many hugs and kisses from randoms as I walked through the city that night (I choose to believe they were overpowered by my awesome and cOuldnt resist me, not because my friends made me carry a giant balloon that said 30 on it). If I were into girls it would have been super amazing as two hot chicks in seriously skin tight short dresses were all over me like I was an uber rich playboy handing out party drugs. No gloriously attractive strong jawed, dark haired, blue eyed men leapt upon me declaring their lust unfortunately (think Matt Bomer, Henry Cavill or David Giuntoli – and if You add wild facial hair & 10kg you’ll see my husband!Cant say I dont have a type).

But I bought myself a new phone , some books and im currently marinating in the stench of the unwashed at Adelaide airport afterCompleting my last ever practical exam at Uni SA. Guess that life Changing?



My mummy made me a pirate cake though, that was pretty cool

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