Suits: Season 3 Return!

Have you seen Suits yet? I love it. Interesting and complex characters, both male and female and lots of intrigue and drama. What’s not to love about that?

As if I wouldn't watch it - It has Gina Torres in it!

As if I wouldn’t watch it – It has Gina Torres in it!

Last week, or possibly the week before because my memory is rather sieve-like at the moment, they aired the long awaited first episode of season 3. Well, long awaited by me anyway. Swiss-cheese brain won’t let me recall how long the break actually was, I just remember wanting more and not being able to have it.

If you’re unfamiliar with the premise, Mike Ross is working as a junior associate at prestigious New York law firm Pearson Hardman. Just one problem – Mike doesn’t actually have a law degree, nor has he ever actually studied for one. He does however have a photographic memory and quite a brilliant mind so Harvey Specter, the hot shot partner decides to hire him anyway.

As we left off season 2, Mike had confessed to love interest Rachel that the reason he didn’t fight for her admission to Harvard and write a letter of recommendation is because he’s a big fat liar and never actually went there. Then they shagged in the file room in the strangest display of misplaced anger ever. Harvey puts his job up against Varys from Game of Thrones (stupid move) to prevent Varys’ firm merging with Jessica Pearson’s.  Louis screws over a dude from Varys’ firm who was the only human being alive who could possibly actually befriend him (also bad move), Donna continues to be awesome and Harvey’s sort of girlfriend backstabs Varys (her boss) to help Harvey win because she’s in love with him and subsequently gets fired. Ugh.

So season 3 should be pretty awesome, right?

Wrong. I am mad, mad, MAD at the writers for what they did to Rachel this episode. She’s such a strong woman, she’s fought long and hard to be a respected paralegal, she’s finally faced up to her personal challege of continued failure of whatever test you have to do to get into law and blitzed it and she knows exactly who she is and what she wants and doesn’t suffer fools lightly.  So when she finds out that Mike has lied to her their entire relationship she first has sex with him in the file room before remembering she’s a tough chick and goes back to ignoring him. He shows up on her doorstep whining about how he’s afraid of losing her and that he’ll tell her the whole truth and nothing but the truth. She’s still very angry and grumpy, but hey, next scene it’s morning and they’re naked together. Guess she got over the ultimate betrayal real quick, huh? THEN, and this is where it gets really bad, she tells him to quit the firm if he wants to make things better.

She’s not a vapid idiot female. She doesn’t need a guy to do what she says to prove his feelings for her. Her telling him to quit was probably based on her being an honest person, but telling him to do it after sex makes her come across as a demanding and needy woman.

Jessica and Donna continue to be awesome. Donna is probably my favourite female on TV right now.

She rocks

She rocks

Harvey saves his pseudogirlfriend’s job with Varys, but then has her shipped off to England. He then continues to be a whiny bitch and total douchebag. I really don’t like Harvey at all. He is the least appealing character on the show to me.

Overall, I was thoroughly dissatisfied with this episode.

I give it 6/10, but mostly because of Gina Torres (Jessica), Varys and Donna.

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