Technology Disappointment

When I was a kid,  I used to watch Inspector Gadget. He was pretty stupid, but as I fancied myself to be the brains of my own fictional crime solving, spying, snooping universe, I figured I was more of a Penny. Oh how I coveted that magical computer book of hers!


Then one day, not so lonv ago, I realised my childhood dreams were shattered. There I was, playing with an iphone, with three laptops in the house and I realised the future just isn’t as exciting as I thought it would be.

l am now however writing this on my new galaxy note and the computer is taking my curly chicken scratch writing and turning it into actual letters on the Screen as l Scribble.It’s not perfect as evidencedby the random Capitalisation, but it does do a pretty decent job. Thanks to irresponsibly Spending money l don’t have, l feel like a little kid again… Although l will be hiding this from my kid. She breaks stuff.

The novelty has yet to wear off 🙂 (it doesnt do Smileys)

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