The Show Must Go On

I love Queen.

This song is my theme song. Queen’s Greatest Hits II album is on permanent rotation in my car.


Also, if you like musicals, go check out We Will Rock You – based on Queen’s music. It’s awesome. I saw it three times in a week. Front row all times (thanks to heavily discounted day of purchase student tickets).

Yes, the show must indeed go on.

This morning I went to the newsagency and bought an archeological magazine. Why, you may ask? Well, not only do I actually find archeology interesting and have a not-so-secret fantasy about being a female Indiana Jones, but I have a short story assignment due next Friday, I thought I could use it as inspiration. I have such enormous trouble with the “short” part of short stories.

I have already decided on the topics for the poem and the monologue I have to write, but I am totally stumped on the short story.

Wish me luck – if I make it past this week’s terrors!

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