I’m a Meme! (And the Best Wife Ever)

Today is my husband’s 30th birthday. He is an incredibly difficult man to do anything nice for. He hates sentimentality and he only likes limited things that you can’t generally just go out and buy. He has a tendency to just treat himself to whatever he fancies that is within the realms of affordability, so it makes gift giving really sucky.

I agonised for months over what to get for him. I wanted to do something incredibly all out. It is his 30th, so that’s just kind of expected, but he also puts up with a lot of shit from me between all my uni studies and sport training and everything in between, so whatever I did had to be grandiose enough to recognise that.

Some time ago, he mentioned to me that he would love to learn how to make his own guitar. He’s played guitar as long as I’ve known him, which now we’re hitting 30 must be about 16 years, holy crap! But he dismissed the idea as being too expensive and too far away. Guitars being the only thing I can guarantee he would be happy with as a present (pretty sure we have 9, although one of those does belong to me), I start searching for interesting or custom guitar options.

One day, while stalking his Facebook for clues, I stumble across his all time favourite custom guitar maker, Ormsby Guitars. I check out their page, and OMG, guitar making courses – you get a custom guitar that you make yourself! SOLD!

Since I can’t physically hand him his present, this morning, I handed him a yellow A4 envelope with a confirmation of his course booking and a printout of Ormsby’s guitar course page from their website.

Then this happened on husband’s Facebook page:

I actually even am wearing a bow in my hair today...

I actually am wearing a bow in my hair today…

And Ormsby reposted it on their Facebook page and even sent him a happy birthday email today (how’s that for service??)

Do you think he might be a *wee* bit happy with his present?

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