Hilarious News Headline

Scrolling through the news headlines this morning I came across this gem, as it was titled in the homepage:

“Lion mauls woman to death during sex”

I’m not ashamed to admit that my mind dived straight into bestiality and I incredulously announced to everyone around me at work “This chick was shagging a lion and it ate her? WTF!”

Then I clicked on the link. The headline on the actual story is still kind of misleading in that you could still interpret it as she was getting down and dirty with a lion.

Turns out she was just shagging in the bush with a regular human dude when a rogue lion got her. I know I’m a terrible person because the use of the word rogue gives me the image of a lion carrying a rapier and twiddling his fancy mustache as he commits acts of thievery and virginity taking.

Talk about being seriously unlucky though. Poor woman.


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