It Begins…




Today marks the first day of a very stressful year.

As of today, until I’m notified otherwise by my uni in Adelaide telling me they’ve screwed up again, I am now working full time and studying two separate degrees at two different universities.

It is time to get Sheldon Cooper style organised. Yes, I mean right down to my bathroom breaks!

I'm afraid I do look like this most days...

I’m afraid I do look like this most days…

Remember how I said that I quit uni and then later got accepted into a writing degree?

Well that first uni has decided, after 6 months of playing nasty with me and being generally unhelpful (resulting in me saying “F- you, I ain’t moving to Adelaide to finish my damn degree”), to turn around and realise that expecting external students to spend 5 months away from home isn’t exactly living up to the definition of ‘external study’ and are trying to get me placed locally.

In the meantime, I accepted the offer from the second uni and got my materials in the mail and went “Yeeehah! I can’t wait to do this study”. Literally. I did. It looks like awesome fun and I really, really, really, want to do it.

So now (for this year anyway as I finish degree number 1 in November – if they come through for me with placements, otherewise I quit again), I am studying two degrees simultaneously. While working. With a toddler. While training for an Olympic Distance Triathlon.

Who says women can’t have it all? I’ll tell you all about how I am having it all in my next post.

3 thoughts on “It Begins…

    • I’m gonna try! I’ve got James firmly committed to being as helpful as he can be and I’ve hired a cleaner so I don’t have to bother with housework πŸ™‚

      I really want to finish the nursing because it’s my last year and I want that damn piece of paper after 6 years, but I really want to do this writing degree as that’s where my heart truly lies. But I can’t work for my in-laws forever, hence needing the nursing degree.

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