Under Siege… Again

I’m interrupting my regular programming to write about the apocalypse.

Oh, you think I’m being whimsical? Far from it. Australia is under siege by mother nature this January.

Fires have devastated NSW, Tasmania and Victoria and floods are destroying Queensland and Northern NSW.

On top of all of this, the Telstra Network was down for about 24 hours over the weekend, so most people in Queensland were without telephones, internet and ATMs. You want to see people gearing up for an apocalypse? You take away their telecommunications and then add the threat of more natural disasters and you will be 300% glad you’re not a poor schmuck who had to work retail over the weekend.

Two years ago, Brisbane & Ipswich were the victims of horrendous floods and Far Northern Queensland suffered the wrath of Cyclone Yasi.

Hospitals are now being evacuated in various parts of Queensland as the flood waters rise.

I have an interest in the safety of these people and I can only hope that the disaster management team involved in the evacuation of these patients do a damn better job than they did evacuating the two (and only two) hospitals in Cairns during Cyclone Yasi, which was a colossal clusterfuck.

Before you question me about my insane anger regarding this, let me tell you something – I was one of those patients. I was airlifted on a Hercules C-130 HOURS after a gruelling emergency c-section following a 19 hour failed labour without my child. I won’t go into the rest of those details because I am saving them for a very special post, but suffice to say, I’ve been where they have been and I know how goddamn awful it is when you’re taken from your home, separated from the ones you love, can’t contact them and have no idea if your house still stands.

When things like this happens, honestly, the most important thing for people to do is not to be stupid. Don’t go outside and take photos. Sure, they probably will be awesome photos, but if you get swept away or burned to a crisp they won’t be worth shit. Your lives and the lives of your children and families are worth far more than some stupid stunt or picture. If you’re not safe, get the hell out of there!

Not Worth It Dude! (source: ABC News, Dave Hunt AAP)

Not Worth It Dude! (source: ABC News, Dave Hunt AAP)

I’m so disappointed in the number of stories coming out of all of this about people who ignored warnings to evacuate or stay safe and either subsequently died or emergency workers had to risk their lives to save their stupid arses.

Next time something like this happens who’s to say the rest of the communication network won’t fail? Then it really might be the end of days.

Stay smart, people. Don’t be dumb… like this twit

2 thoughts on “Under Siege… Again

  1. yep. and whats worse, is the rubber neckers. the ones who deliberately are going in to restricted, dangerous areas, to take a peek and stand there and stare while people are trying to save there homes, lives, and family! grrrr. sometimesi wonder if pics of such rubber neckers should be taken by some of the officials out there on the job, and have them tracked down and charged afterwards! would serve them right, gits!

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