This page will be undergoing a couple of them.

I’m shredding my veil of anonymity, so I’ll have a shiny new blog name and domain pretty soon.

I’ve been accepted into an Associate Degree of Writing. It’s probably not something I actually need to do, but as much as I complain about it, I do enjoy studying and learning different things.
I’m focusing primarily on things I am not good at, like short stories (brevity is not my strong point) and poetry (my teenage self was an emo dweeb – I cringe reading that tripe) as well as expanding on my journalism and PR studies and, if I’m lucky, touching on editing and publishing (they don’t offer it every year).

And now I’m going to finish daydreaming about my weekend away in a 5 star resort with a 5 acre pool (not an exaggeration) and plentiful room service.
I am trying to win back the affections of my daughter who was not terribly pleased with me going to Perth to visit a friend for New Years. She’s decided to start shrieking hysterically if I leave her sight and is paying me back by making sure I can’t pee alone and can never sleep . Little witch manages to sneak into my bed every night and firmly plant her feet into my guts and kick me every time I twitch a muscle. She’s not in my guts anymore, so I thought being kicked there was a thing of the past.

In the meantime, I leave you with classic David Bowie because I can’t hear the word changes without imitating him.

Ugh, that hair is just… no.

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