I Want To Read Your Books!

I’m going on a relatively long flight next week (hooray! My first real holiday to a destination with no pre-arranged/mandatory activities) and I’m searching for some reading material.

My laptop is a bit on the crappy side and it certainly won’t last the 6 hour flight to get any writing done. The battery barely lasts an hour and a half and I’m not rich enough to own any of the myriad tablets on the market. My Kindle however, has absolutely amazing battery life and I can take stacks of books with me without taking up any room in my bags and killing my baggage allowance.

I’ve got twelve hours of flights to fill, plus my spare time while I’m on holidays and waiting around at airports.

So what I’m asking for is recommendations on books you liked or books you’ve written/friends have written. I read almost all genres so anything goes. Hit me with it!

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