Roxy Lives Again

I am breathing new life into her.

I did something I swore I wouldn’t do until I was done with her (as I am a supreme perfectionist) and sent her off for a test read!

My test reader told me that she kept picturing Wentworth Miller in her head for one of the characters.

Yup. Definitely what I had in mind

Yup. Definitely what I had in mind

I may or may not have been watching a lot of Prison Break around the time that character was conceived. I never did get around to finishing watching it though. I probably wouldn’t enjoy it now as I can’t see Sarah Wayne Callies without associating her with Lori from the Walking Dead. She shit me to tears and every episode I was hoping that her and her stupid spawn Carl would contract a case of the deads.

I’ve so far received positive criticism about Roxy. This is good. This gives me the impetus to move forward and finish her.

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