That’s either the sound of me falling to the floor in a heap or shooting myself in the head – depends on the time of month as to which option I prefer 😉

I have written hundreds of thousands of words for my university assignments. I have received feedback that was so poorly written I couldn’t actually work out where I’d lost marks. I asked for clarification and became further confused as the example of the High Distinction student they compared me to wrote their assignment IN NOTE FORM and I’d included twice as much information and the rationale behind recommendations I’d made.  I’ve criticised the entire university’s curriculum and the way they’ve written their course information and assessment criteria. I have called into question the ethics behind redesigning assessment criteria LESS THAN A WEEK before the due date, necessitating completely rewriting the assignment (oh and this has happened more than once, mind you). I have complained loudly about the decision to give us an exam with questions pulled from a test bank from an American publication that only marginally compares to the 30 hours + a week worth of readings we have to do (this is readings for just one subject alone, by the way).

I’ve written tens of thousands of words for new work publications. There is no end in sight to the amount of stuff I have to do here. I’m beginning to seriously doubt that I have the mental capacity to actually complete this project by the end of next year when I graduate and ostensibly go back to my “real” field.

The last few months have been completely dominated by stress and I am only a few steps from breaking point. I have not had time to work on any of my stories and barely had time to do anything fun at all, barring the weekend when my parents took my ferociously tempered and far too independent toddler off my hands so I could play Guild Wars 2 for my birthday, right after it’s release date.


Oh Edvard Munch, you got nothing on me buddy!

And now, when it looks like there might be the most miniscule of breaks, I get the news that Harper Voyager are accepting unsolicited manuscripts from October 1-14th.  The most appropriate manuscript is incredibly far from finished, so now the question is…


Do I put my all into doing this on the smallest of minute chances that I might catch a break, meaning I hopefully no longer have to study (yes please!) or do I just give my brain a rest before I burn out entirely?

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