Character Name Quandary

Once upon a time a young Kaitee came up with what she thought was a cool name for a character in her story about a really bad day.

Fast forward to the future where a slightly older Kaitee is well over a third of the way through writing said story and you’ll find the quandary.

My protagonist has a fairly unique first name as well as a set of quirks that she is known for, which I chose to illustrate the way her ordeal changes her.

I chose her name roughly six years ago when I first began writing notes on this story. In the last year, I have found myself working with someone of an identical name and a somewhat similar nature.

A small part of me tells me not to bother with the similarities. Another part of me says that particular someone may be offended at the similarities, even though she was most certainly not the basis for this character at all and does not in fact even look or talk like my character.

I have a feeling I may have to bring it up in conversation some day soon so she isn’t surprised when I finish it (and wow, it’s really getting there!). I really don’t want to have to change her name.

One thought on “Character Name Quandary

  1. Don’t change for external reasons.
    Matthew Reilly auctions the rights (charity)to people to be characters in his books. Let’s face it its a big world out there and our names are a lot more common than we one thought. Well maybe not Kaitee Squiggle but Samantha Cleaver more common that one would think.

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