A Milestone

I’ve reached one! Hurrah!

I managed to crack 15,000 words on one of my WIPs!

I really like this story because it’s light hearted and a little bit silly and lets me write the way that comes most naturally to me – which is in itself quite silly and not at all grandiose and fanciful.

It’s also probably better practice at writing than any of the other WIPs I have, where I have to think more about characterisation and plots and subplots and all those things.

I really don’t enjoy the technical aspect of writing, like three act structures, characterisation, plots, subplots, paragraphing, etc. I just like to write hopefully entertaining and/or interesting stories without having to worry about that stuff. I think that’s where my creativity really got stalled was when I began to really crack down on what I wanted to achieve with these WIPs and started to look at those things. It turned me off. Writing is supposed to be fun, damnit!

Of course, now that I have several HUGE deadlines looming over me, like a massive exam, three huge work projects that only I can do, a crazy toddler who demands attention and requires 160% supervision at all times as she’s a fearless daredevil who has no hesitation hurling herself off the highest of precipices (precipi? stupid word) with gleeful abandon and have committed to a 6 day a week training regime so I can be an idiot and do an Ironman triathlon next year, naturally now is the time I feel like writing.

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