Over the past few weeks and for the next eight weeks I will be travelling in between Cairns, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide multiple times for work and university business as well as making a personal trip to go and see Iced Earth (I have VIP tickets, yay!). This includes a four week long stint in Adelaide where I’ll be on clinical placement and sadly leaving my little girl to the mercies of my husband’s terrible cooking. I won’t even be able to go home for a weekend to see her, so this is going to be a very sad time for me.

I won’t be updating regularly, but I do still receive the email notifications to all the blogs I subscribe to so I do keep up to date on that at least. Posting is very difficult using an iPhone sometimes, it’s just so damn small. I wish I had an iPad like all the cool kids seem to but I can’t justify the cost of one in between the vast wads of cash I am throwing to the airlines.

Believe it or not, I’ve been organised enough to write out several weeks worth of posts that I would like to write, both Truth Tuesdays and Friday Fumblings. I just haven’t put fingers to keyboard. But I will. Pinky promise.

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