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I have been thinking about it and I have decided I’m going to have some themed days here.

Lots of other bloggers are using themed days and I think it would be beneficial for me to try and do the same – then maybe I’ll get into the habit of semi-regular posting 🙂

I have decided on:

Truth Tuesdays – Tuesday’s posts will be about the truth of something as I see it. Fair warning – this could possibly end up like the storyline to Primer, as explained by wonderful XKCD. I like going off the beaten track and tangent should really be my middle name. That said, I still couldn’t work out what was happening while I was watching Primer and I decided to go and play Dragon Age instead.

Friday Fumblings – Friday’s posts will be an attempt at some sort of short/flash fiction. I am not very good at these and I definitely think I need the practice. I may use some of the various prompts and challenges issued by other writer bloggers out there. I’m quite fond of some of their work and it’s a nice place to start dipping my toes.

So with that, it’s time to start thinking about my truth for the week. See you soon! 🙂

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