An Unlikely Story

I’ve never been one for YA type books, even when I was of the age to find them relevant to me. I wasn’t a typical teenager so I never bothered reading about them because typical teenagers filled me with disdain (yes, I was one of those snobs).

While watching television the other night, lamenting the fact that I am neither a brilliant thief, spy or secret agent (a side effect of watching too much Burn Notice, Leverage and Human Target), I happened upon another idea for a story, except I honestly think it’s best suited for a YA audience.

It also lead me to a hankering to watch Harriet the Spy again.

I’ll leave this one at the bottom of my huge “To Write” pile which sadly grows ever larger as I spend more and more of my time during working hours drafting management plans, ISO documentation, procedures, contracts and anything else that requires someone with a half decent command of the English language.

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