Greetings and salutations to you, the precious few who still actually read this 🙂

I have dusted off the old WIP and am now sitting at tens of thousands of words. I’ve handwritten the entire story in note form, which has actually been quite beneficial. It’s not something I usually do and it’s probably the reason for being so successful thus far.

As befitting a new year, I am really going to work on getting this finished. I’m not going to set myself a limit to work to (I’m already doing this in my personal life, running & riding 5000km for the year) so I’m simply going to say that as long as I work on it, I will be content with my progress.

In my personal life, I am setting myself up for a mammoth of a year. Work, uni and sporting challenges are significantly more difficult than they have been previously and I’m trying to do it all while raising the most rambunctious of overactive and over-intelligent little girls.

The plus side of course is that if I can survive this year, I can do anything!

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