Place of Inspiration

The Daily Post asks “What is the most relaxing place in your life?”.

When I lived in Brisbane, I used to charge up my dinosaur of a laptop and hotfoot it down to the Mt Coot-tha Botanical Gardens. Yes, that is the correct spelling. Hideous isn’t it? If you’re wondering it’s just pronounced “cootha”.

They had a great litle Japanese Tranquility garden there and I would plonk myself down on the grass, open up the laptop and alternate between working on my then WIP and indulging in a bit of people watching. Unfortunately I am still having issues with this ridiculous computer and so I can’t add a picture! Oh wait, I can add a link (I think?)… Nope. Dammit. I’ll have to type it out in full then.

That was my deviantart gallery that I keep forgetting about! I love photography too, but I’ve never had anything more posh than a basic camera. I still love it, but in no way have the time to even contemplate it at the moment.

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