Joss Whedon: God?

This weekend I attended the Supanova Expo in Sydney, the main reason for my radio silence as it was a 5 day trip.

There, I was lucky enough to attend Q&A panels with Sean Maher, James Marsters and Amy Acker, all of whom have worked closely with Joss Whedon on Firefly, Buffy, Angel or Dollhouse. Incidentally, they are all among my top ten favourite TV shows, with Firefly in first place, and Buffy and Angel tied for second.

I have long been a huge fan of Joss and his writing style – the sarcasm, the humour in the face of danger, the way the characters all interact with each other, it’s all top notch stuff with very few peers. I maintain that Firefly was the best show that ever aired and I will NEVER forgive whatever twit pulled the plug on it (and Dollhouse too for that matter). I can’t even begin to describe all the reasons why I love his work, if you’ve seen any of his stuff and liked it then you already know what I mean.

So this weekend, during three different Q&A panels with three different actors from four of his shows, I found it very interesting (althought not surprising) to hear Sean, Amy and James all wax lyrical about how amazing working with a Joss Whedon script is. Amy said she’d sign onto anything he wrote in a heartbeat without even knowing what it was, just to be part of it. Sean said he was amazed at the level of detail that he went into about his character on Firefly, right down to planning different coloured clothing for Simon to begin showing the subtle shift in ideals and personality he had planned for him. James, when asked if he ever improvised, said absolutely not, first off because anything he said wouldn’t be nearly as funny and that because Joss Whedon was God. They all clearly love and respect him as a writer and a creative God and I wondered to myself, “How many other TV writers out there command such love and loyalty?”.

And if you’re wondering, yes, I did get the opportunity to meet them all and have a quick chat – they were all lovely and if Amy Acker wasn’t married my husband would very seriously consider trading me in for her. Or Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto Jones from Torchwood), who he now has a huge man-crush on.

Who is your TV writer God? Or any writer God for that matter?

One thought on “Joss Whedon: God?

  1. God is my God. That’s why I’ve chosen Him as, my God.

    Without going into a long diatribe on the theory of story, AND why things that happen in Hollyweird happen they way they do, I can simply tell you that a cult following is always defined as, “Seven less people than you need to make a living.”

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