Speeches: Difficulty Setting Extreme!

I absolutely abhor speaking publicly. I won’t say I’m terrible at giving speeches or lectures, because for some ridiculous reason I’ve been gifted with a strong, steady voice in the face of public humiliation. My best friend is getting married soon and she’s asked, if I wouldn’t mind, preparing a speech. Of course I said yes, it’s her wedding, I love her to death and we’ve been friends since we were 11.

I’m now trying to work out exactly what I should say. The guy she’s marrying is a great guy too, so I don’t want to screw it up. Giving lectures is an absolute dream in comparison to the scary task of speaking at a wedding. There’s a fine balance to a good wedding speech – it’s got to be humourous, sentimental, complimentary and most importantly, not bore everyone to tears. We’ve been friends for so long and she’s done so much for us, where do I even begin to put it into words what an awesome person she is?

This could be the most important thing I ever write and I’m terrified of buggering it up!

6 thoughts on “Speeches: Difficulty Setting Extreme!

  1. Fear of public speaking is one of the top five, no matter what the venue. You’ve actually got a great start above. It’s not clear to me whether this alleged speech will be given at the wedding or the reception, and as the maid of honor, you would give your toast at the reception.

    Of course, it’s been years since I allegedly got married, so, I’m not sure of the order….

    If you want to play, Can You Top This? I’d say go before the Best Man speech, because we know that he’s going to try to be funny.

    Whether or not he was instructed to do so 😉

  2. I reckon that sounds like a pretty decent opening right there. You have eluded to the relationship you have stated the partner is a good guy and apologised in advance if you fail. But you won’t !

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