It’s Settled!

My as of yet unnamed protagonist has finally been given a name! Rejoice!

I wanted a name that hinted at her story and purpose in life, which she has to discover for herself, but I also wanted one that wasn’t an overused genre cliche.

Her name is….


Personally, I hate the name Darcy. I know about a hundred kids called Darcy, they’re all over the bloody place at the moment. I’ve no idea why it’s suddenly so popular, but I’m going to blame Colin Firth. That seems as good a reason as any – except I now have a hankering to go and watch Pride and Prejudice.  My own prejudice (har, see what I did there?) aside, it fits the story well. I’m now off to flesh her out a bit more.

How do you find names for your characters? Do you use names you normally would dislike if they fit the story/character?

3 thoughts on “It’s Settled!

  1. I can’t do it! Every time I type a name I hate, I start disliking the character for making me type it!

    Not rational, but there it is. Looking for my character’s name is pretty serious business – lots of time spent on the 10,000 names website ^_^

    I actually like the name Darcy, and I’m sure you’re story’s going to be great!

  2. Funny but my daughter came home today and announced she had a new friend and her name is Darcy!!! I have not heard the name in years and now twice in one day.

    I love naming things so I pour over baby name books to find just the right one usually based on some trait the character has but from time to time a name just pops in my head and I go with it.

    I once had a character who shared the name with someone I disliked (I dislike very few people so that shows how strong I really disliked this person) anyway, the poor character had all sorts of things happen to her.

    I suppose you should just go with it and see what happens, best case scenario it all is fine and worst case poor Darcy gets tortured a lot!

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