Final Week: Worst Work Ever!

This is the last week of the course in creative writing that I’m taking through the Sydney Writer’s Centre. I just submitted my last assignment, which I really don’t think is anywhere near as good as it could and should be. But I’m just too tired to work on it.

Some of the other students have uploaded their work already too, and it’s interesting to see how they’ve interpreted the task. In week 3 we were asked to create a character and write a monologue defending their decision to take out a personal ad addressing another character, and this week carry it into a scene where you hear from both characters. I took that instruction literally. Oh well. I don’t think I’ll get great feedback on it, but it kind of works in the setting that I intended those characters originally. The male doesn’t know, or at least doesn’t admit to himself, that he’s got the hots for the female protagonist but her sister is cluey and takes it upon herself to tell him. I haven’t worked on that story for a while and it isn’t finished, but that’s a scene that I could easily use.

Fingers crossed it’s not too ridiculous.

2 thoughts on “Final Week: Worst Work Ever!

    • Actually it does feel good to be done! I’ve gotten some pretty good advice about characterisation and structure, I’m looking forward to being able to use it all in my works in progress 🙂

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