Week 3: Feedback, problems and plans

I was off to a good start, wasn’t I?

Then Easter came and I had five days off with my husband. I used the time to catch up on my real-world assignments, as in the assignments for my university course which I am attempting while also doing a writing course and looking after Little Squiggle.

I managed to completely knock over my uni-assignment and then I worked on my writing course assignment. I was mostly happy with it, although I thought of a few better ways to reword it after I’d posted it. That was a good week – lots of learning about descriptions, scenes and summary. I’m going to post it after this, along with a little explanation of the place I wrote about.

In the grand scheme of the novel however, I haven’t managed to make any progress this week. I have written at least 100 words a day however, just on many other things that needed scribbling out. I am considering, when this writing course is over, to aim for a chapter a fortnight. Thanks to the course I know exactly why I’m getting stuck where I am – it’s because I don’t know my protagonist as well as I should. So I’ll be spending a bit of time with her and some minor characters while I’m on a plane to Brisbane this weekend to really flesh them out. Once I’ve done that I’ll get back to writing .

This brings me to another point which was raised in the course – if you know the characters well enough, you can write organically and not to a script. I think this is one of those stories where I’m better off writing as it comes to me. I have many ideas about things that I want to occur in the book, which I will write about, but I don’t much fancy the idea of a chapter by chapter plan. It’s too limiting. Once I’ve finished, if I can identify any errors, plot-holes, scenes which don’t work, etc, I’ll begin to add or rework the structure a little bit, but the main goal at this point in time is finishing it.

I’m curious to know how other writers work though – do you just let the story flow or do you plan before you write?

One thought on “Week 3: Feedback, problems and plans

  1. I just let it flow! I usually just have an idea hit me and if it doesn’t go away after a few days then I write it.

    During those few days I will think about the general story idea but when it comes to the writing part, I just do it. I do not outline or story map or use any other pre-writing method.

    I do choose a birthday for my protagonist, think about what they look like, develop their personality, decide what they like and what they hate and finally scour the internet and baby namer books for their perfect name. Then when I really know them they drive the story forward because I know how they will react to each situation that they are put in.

    I tried to plan once and got writing the novel and realised it was not going anywhere in the direction I had planned so I decided that was just not for me.

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