Terrible Start!

I have had a terrible start to my goal this weekend.

I woke up at 4am Saturday with the most excrutiating back pain, which then spread through my ribs and stomach. This wasn’t the first time I’d experienced this, but it was by far the most painful. I’d depleted my drug cabinet last time and all I had left were Nurofen Period Pain so I took them and tried to sleep, to no avail. By 8am I was vomiting from the pain and desperately ringing every doctors surgery I could think of to beg for an appointment.

By 11:30am I had my diagnosis – gallstones! As if only just having recovered from an intensely traumatic birth wasn’t enough to deal with! Luckily, I was given a prescription for my second most favourite drug in the world, Endone (aka Oxycontin) and then spent the rest of the day in bed.

My parents had already arranged to have Mini-Squiggle for the night, so I was at least able to *attempt* to get some rest. My father is now holding her hostage until I complete my set word limit for this weekend.

3 thoughts on “Terrible Start!

  1. Don’t beat yourself up about it! Since I started, I’ve had recurring problems with RSI, my appendix out and pneumonia. And each time I’ve had to stop writing completely. Just get better and you’ll get time to write again 🙂

    Bet it was nice to have a night of full sleep as well, much as we love our minis 🙂

  2. Sorry to hear that! Hope the pain goes soon for you. I had my gallbladder out at 19 so I know the pain you are describing all too well. Sometimes a break from our little ones does a bit of good as well. Hope you get the rest you need and then pick up where you left off and get back on track for your goal.

  3. Thanks girls!
    I feel much better after a weekend of bed rest and a lot of high quality controlled substance painkillers 🙂

    My writer’s course starts today, so even though I’m still feeling a bit off, I’m more excited than anything!

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