Kaitee Squiggles

Hi there. I am Kaitee. I like to draw funny little squiggles that form words, although in this modern age it’s more like I enjoy pushing squiggly buttons.

I am a writer. I haven’t published anything, I just have a metric tonne of ideas and thoughts and I like to write them down. If I had published anything in any kind of organised form then I’d be calling myself an author, which is what someday I hope I can say. Until then however, I’m a self confessed very lame writer who loves to make up stories about people and things, write her ideas down and then never get any further than writing 40 or so pages about it.

I’m hoping all this will change soon. I have signed on to do a Creative Writing course through the Sydney Writers’ Centre starting next week and I have a particular story in mind I would like to see through to completion. Actually, there are quite a few I would like to see through to completion, but this one might actually have an audience that would be interested in reading it (or I’m possibly delusional?).

Stay tuned for some of my ideas, fresh out of my brain when my baby stops screaming. Oh yes, I’m mad enough to attempt all of this while studying at a real university and raising a newborn. Am I insane or what?

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